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2000 Tacoma Standard Cab 4x4
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I want to get some good custom fitting seat covers to prevent further wear and tear of my bucket seats in my 2000 Tacoma standard cab. It has the blue-gray interior which I believe is "Moon Mist" (if I am incorrect, please let me know as I will be looking for OEM interior trim parts in the future).

You guys seem to like Wet Okole, and from the pictures I've seen they look good to me. They have a color 04 Baby Blue that looks like a good match for my interior, but I was hoping to see if anyone has seen it in person and can compare it to the truck interior. They will send swatches, but as far as I can tell only when you place an order.

*Edit - I found a separate area where they do allow you to request up to 3 swatches - I chose Baby Blue, Lt Gray, and Royal - but still, any thoughts are welcome, including logo - I'm thinking of doing the "TACOMA" logo (TYT020).

Of course, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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'Moon Mist' was the color name for 1998 - 2000 blue-ish grey interior trim. It's a lighter grey than the 1995.5 - 1997 grey trim color.

I'm not sure Moon Mist was a single color (versus being a range within an overall color scheme).

It's difficult to find Moon Mist trim pieces - especially aftermarket ones. The color scheme didn't last long, so 3rd party vendors didn't make a point to support it even back when it was current.

NOTE: 'Lunar Mist' is an entirely different thing - it's an exterior paint color.
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