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monroe air shocks

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was thinking about getting some monroe air shocks. now i have 1" shackles on the back and i was wanting around another 1.5 or so inches of lift.

I am buying these shocks to lift it. but when my 31's wear out im going back to stock. i still want to use the shocks for towing and what not.

should i get the ma-727's or the ma-820's?

thanks, Matt
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the idea is that i need shocks that will work with the little lift that i have now. but will also work when i get rid of the lift and go back to stock height......

what are the expanded and compressed measurments of the 820's?
  • Collapsed Length (in.): 14.375
  • Extended Length (in.): 23.000
  • Shock Stroke (in.): 8.625
  • Collapsed Length (in.): 12.750
  • Extended Length (in.): 20.375
  • Shock Stroke (in.): 7.625
looked up some on napa for my truck and they were:

Shock - Sensa-Trac - Rear

  • Collapsed Length (in.): 12.375"
  • Extended Length (in.): 19.000"
  • Shock Stroke (in.): 6.625"
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ill prolly go with the

  • Collapsed Length (in.): 12.750
  • Extended Length (in.): 20.750
  • Shock Stroke (in.): 8.000
think its a better fit
i got the info from:
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