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Today, we’re here with an in-depth review of one of the best bolt-on performance upgrades you can get to provide your 2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma with the noticeable hp gains and improved throttle response. Application-specific, high-quality Momentum GT air intake system by aFe is the best option for the money.

Each intake is engineered for maximum durability and with power gains in mind. Momentum GT Intakes feature the largest filters possible to capture the contaminants and ensure a longer service life for the engine.

aFe - Momentum GT Power Package


Fits: Toyota Tacoma 2012-2015


  • Momentum GT air intake system (P/N: 54-76012)
  • Dynamic Air Scoop (P/N: 54-76012-S)
  • Silver Bullet throttle body spacer (P/N: 46-38002)
  • Magnum SHIELD pre-filter (P/N: 28-10283)
  • Momentum replacement intake air filter Pro DRY S (P/N: 21-91123) and a Restore kit (P/N: 90-50501)


  • Designed for superior air filtration
  • Provides virtually unrestricted air flow over the OE
  • Helps your engine breathe easier for maximum power
  • Improves performance and extends engine life
  • Premium quality construction for outstanding reliability and value

Visit this page for more details about the new aFe Product Release.
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