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Mods for ya\'ll too...

Even though my site caters to the 4x4 crowd... I'm going to list some mods/info you guys might want to look at on my site...

The Infamous Deck Plate Mod...
Purchase Deck Plate Online
Tacoma Intake System PART 1
Tacoma Intake System PART 2
Fuel Additive Information
Exhaust Theory
B~shinin' Exhaust Tip
Sound Files
Four Cylinder
2.7 "Injen" Intake Modification
Downey 2.7 Header Install Opinion
Northwest Off-Road 2.7 Headers
2.7L Tacoma Supercharger
2.7L Supercharger Install
2.7L Supercharger Documentation
2.7L Turbocharger
2.7/3.4 Shuei Sport Mufflers
Six Cylinder
Supercharger install pics
3.4 with Flowmaster 40 Sound Files
V6 Head Gasket Recall Document
Downey 3.4 Header Review
Borla Cat-back Exhaust - Review
3.4L V6 Turbocharger
Cold Air Induction
Gadget's Induction Page
TRD Supercharger I
TRD Supercharger II
TRD Supercharger Data
Edelbrock 3.4L V6 Headers
TRD 3.4L Headers
2.7/3.4 Shuei Sport Mufflers

Change your own front brakes

Wheel Bearing Replacement

Preventing Axle Wrap
Anti-Axle Wrap Device
Trail Traction Anti-Axle Wrap Bars

Tacoma Axle Code Chart
Locking Differential Info
Toyota Differential Info
TRD Differential Codes
Axle Codes (95.5-98)

Powertrax No-Slip
Part 1 My No-Slip Install Pics
Part 2 Pictures of my No-Slip after 2700 miles
Part 3 Update - My No-Slip Experience

Supersized's 2001 Ford F-150 Billet Grill Mod
Hawaiian Style Billet Grill

Gutter Guard Grill Mod
Fiberglass Fenders w/3" Flare
Bed Sides 3.5" Flare 3" Raised

Tacoma Supercharger Hood
Fresh Air Fiberglass Hood Pics

3rd Brake/Cargo Lite Mod

Celica Seat Swap
Cheap & Clean 8" Sub Install!
Door Panel Removal (w/o P-Win)
Door Panel Removal (w/P-Win)
Window Tint Laws
G-Tech Pro Meter
Rage Gauges
Electric Rear Powr-Slider
D-I-Y Power Windows

Radio Removal
Radio Wiring Color Diagram
Radio Plug Schematic
50watt Back Up Lights

Disable Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
Electric Rear Powr-Slider
ODB-II Information
Electric Fan Mod
$600 H-I-D Retrofit for Tacomas
3rd Brake/Cargo Lite Mod
Aftermarket Tach Splice Points
Toggle Switches
ECU upgrade = Waste of $$$?
Reset the computer
Turn Signal Mod
4-Runner Tweeter Pods

Pneumatic Rear E- Brake Setup
Oxygen Sensor Replacement
Custom Rear Shock Re-Location

Bob Your Tacoma? - YES YOU CAN!!
--that would be interesting to see a low-riding-bobbed-Taco--

2.7 Liter Supercharger Update w/Pricing!

Come on by and check out all the info...

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Re: Mods for ya\'ll too...

Interesting, will most definently have to check into your site. Especially the powered rear sliding window : ).

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Re: Mods for ya\'ll too...

I was intrigued about the deckplate modification, so I went out this morning andstarted looking at my airbox the 99 2wd Tacos box is slightly different than the ones in the tutorial. A free easy way for a 2 wheeler to do this is to remove the 3 - 14mm bolts holding down the base of the airbox, release the 4 clips to remove top of the box, remove the filter and sneak the lower box out from underneath. Then drill out the rivet securing the little elbow piece from the side of the box, and wriggle that damn thing out, a small flat screwdriver helps get the little nibs through the opening. There you go a low resriction airbox, the tube you are removing goes through the inner fender into an air baffle chamber, which is meant to quiet down the intake sounds. (sounds cool to me) All I have noticed thus far is a little louder when you tromp on it, we'll see about performance/mileage gains soon, I may try disconnecting my battery for a while to see if that resets the efi computer settings. I will ask one of the Toyota Techs about that, I'm not sure that the computer would change.
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