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Ok I've got parts from a bunch of different trucks for sale here. 4 trucks to be exact, a 97 Taco Ex Cab, a 01 4Runner SR5, 99 4Runner, and an 04 Prerunner and my 84 Tercel. I will try to describe this Junk... I mean stuff as best i can. Please take into consideration that this stuff is all used, and may have scuffs, scratches, and might be very dirty. Preference will go to local buyers, but I will ship if noone local want's this stuff.
Tan rear carpet from an 01 4Runner $20
Blue rear carpet from a 99 4Runner $30
Blue rear floormat from 99 4Runner $20
1 complete set of Tacoma Extra Cab mats $15, Dirty incomplete set $5
Tacoma Shifter trim $5
Clinometer from an 84 Tercel Wagon 4X4 $20 (sold)
Drivers side Vent from 01 4Runner $5
97 Tacoma Ashtray $10
04 Prerunner shifter $10
04 Prerunner Brake pedal with brake switch $10
97 Tacoma Oak Steering wheel in Very USED condition $15
04 Prerunner steering wheel covers/trim $15
01 4Runner power windows and locks, has motors, switches, wiring harnesses. (NOTE THE WIRING HARNESS FOR THE PASSENGER FRONT DOOR HAS FIRE DAMAGE AND WILL NEED TO BE REPAIRED!!! THE SWITCH IS ALSO BOWED A LITTLE FROM THE HEAT) I removed this and have been storing it in a box, so i'm 90% sure it's complete... $75
ABS sensors $15 each (SALE PENDING)
Misc Interior Door handles $8 each
01 4runner Ignition switch trim $10
01 4Runner drivers front and rear seatbelts, there is some discoloration from smoke damage, but they both still function 100% $10
97 Tacoma Interior trim that goes under the steering wheel $15
97 Tacoma E-brake handle and front half of the cable $10
97 Tacoma Climate control unit (cables and dash piece) $10
97 Tacoma Glove Box $15
97 Tacoma gauge cluster bezel $25
Tacoma and 4Runner kick panels $5 each
97 Tacoma Radio bezel, $20 SALE PENDING
04 Prerunner Map lights.SALE PENDING
97 Tacoma washer bottle (no pump) $5
97 Tacoma Defroster vents $5
97 Tacoma Ash Tray/Cig piece of the dash $10
97 Tacoma Ignition Switch trim with CLOCK $55
97 Tacoma sillplates (these aren't in that good of shape, most of the little hold down things are broken off) $5
01 4Runner rear triangle windows $10 each
Misc outer door handles (2 4runner drivers side, and 1 tacoma passenger side) $10 each
Door hinges (2 complete sets (1 set = 1 door) and one rear hatch for 4Runners) $25 per set
01 4Runner Gas door $10
04 Prerunner passenger door mirror, This is Fixed $20
04 Prerunner Intake Tube $5
04 Prerunner ABS Actuator $10
96 4Runner headlight Drivers side $20
Unknown Master Cyl $5
Tacoma and 4Runner alignment bolts ($10 for 2)
Tacoma/4Runner steering shafts with interior boots (Oone will need a new seal) Rusty one $10, Clean one $20 (SALE PENDING)
Roller Fairlead $10
97 Tacoma Antenna $10
01 4Runner O2 Sensors 30K miles (PN 89465-35580, 89467-35011) $50 each
04 Prerunner 3.4L ECU $30
3 Rancho shock boots $5 each
97 Tacoma Windshield wipers $15
2 inch body lift pucks (PA kits I think...) $5 each
Tacoma Tailgate cables one is perfect, the other is cracked a little $10 each
04 Prerunner sway bar end link Drivers side $10
3rd Gen brake rotors (UNKNOWN CONDITION USED, 2 sets) $10 per set
Two hooks, one OEM set and 2 Aftermarket hooks $8 each
Sony CD changer with extra cartridge, Haven't used for 8 years, door is missing $10
Uhaul Trailer brake controller, I bought for $100 5 months ago and had it installed for all of 2 days... $40
Autometer mechanical oil pressure gauge, Some damage to the rear of the bezel $5
Craftsman workbench/Toolbox, Got a bigger one $50

If you would like to see pics of this stuff go here
That's all I got for now. If you want something please let me know


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any chance that 4runner had the black steering wheels and AT shifter. i dont remember the years they had them exactly.



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Looks like the prerunner shifter is sold. The check is supposed to be in the mail. If it falls through i'll let you know


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It depends on what you are looking for. It seems that someone is always parting out a taco on TTORA, If you are looking for something specific Try I've used them a few times and had good luck.


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Unfortunately i cant update the first thread with sold stuff, So check the TTORA thread for the most current Updates...

Make offers on anything you see that isn't sold.

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