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Did you guys ever meet up, Me and AMTACOMA still wanna meet up we got a couplke more tacoma brothers that are interested in meeting. were in the inland empire but are willing to drive almost anywhere in SO CAL. Drop me some mail or give me a call (909)486-0634 ask for Bob
OR [email protected]
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we were planning on meeting up on this saturday the 19th! We were going to meet at chilis in escondido at 4 o clock! if you want to go write back!the address of Chilis is 1105 W Valley Parkway in Escondido. Go to MapQuest and get directions from your house and then when you get there, it is on the right hand side as you go East, there is a Good Guys and Olive Garden in the same place. It is easy to find and hopefully the parking lot will be filled with tricked out COMAS!
since there is alot of taco beaters in Cali... and Az... we should all meet at the Colorado River when it warms up a bit
Yeah i would do that! Make a weekend of it or something! I hope that people show up today and if your unsure if you are going to go or not GOGOGOGOGO! The more the merrier!
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