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Lucerne - 2/20/10

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I am thinking of skipping BAP and just doing some exploration out in Lucerne...

Thanks to Mark aka Marnes, i got the GPS coordinates for a couple gold mines out there...

Anybody up to a lil wheeling this coming Saturday?
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Damn! if i didnt have tickets to the race this saturday i would roll with you.
guess im rollin alone...


i will be out there around 10am...

on race radio 151.625

will monitor CB 19 or 22

call handle Mohawk Mike

or text me 818-482-4383

if y'all dont hear from me on CT by tomorrow, send out Search and Rescue...


i may go hunting for this spot...

Cave/Mine (Anderson Dry Lake) N34 34.064 W116 43.423
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lol dont forget your spare
weather was awesome out there...

had a blast as usual...


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just got some new pics from my buddy who was out there doing a photoshoot the same day...

i now have a great testing spot for the Engage trucks...

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:headbang::headbang::headbang:, looks like you had a blast :headbang:
Nice shots!:clapping: Looks like a fun adventure, how was the Gold rush?
LT in the rear would have defenilty helped.....but still props for pushing ur truck out their alone....that takes [email protected]!:waytogo:
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