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lowered hangers

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I am thinking of getting lowered shackles which will lowered the rear of my truck 2". I also wanted to get either 1" or 2" blocks for the rear too, to lower the back 3" or 4".

Does this sound like a good plan? Would I need to purchase angled blocks or shims? Please let me know.
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You could just use lowered blocks. Get angled ones if you can.
I've never heard of lowering shackles on a Taco, is this something you've seen for sale somewhere?
They dont even make hangers or shackles for tacomas. They are not something you can unbolt and bolt on new ones. Just do what I did. I relocated them into the frame.
Do you have pics of the hangers being relocated into the frame? I assume you are still running leaf springs.


This is a very comman issue with Nissan hardbodies and frontiers. I used to have a frontier and relocated them. They hang very low. If you have any old Minitruckin mags, you can find the article there for Nissans.
I am trying to figure out the best way to do it. 95.5 to 97 had the leaf hangers higher than later models. I have a 98. There is no room to raise up the front bolt. It needs to be repositioned. Does anybody have any pics of this
Someone here has done it, but I don't remember who. He's in the photo gallery and lays frame with air bags I think. Was a dark colored truck
dragntaco has it done to his
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