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lowerd the front more

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so i took out the bumpstops and heated the coils up now the lower control arm is sittin on where the bumpstop used to and i got a 4runner bumper with foglights! i also put some 255 45 17s on the back my 245s were cracking and no tread


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Looks sweet!

I need to remove my lower bumpstops on the arm.

I'm sitting on them right now...and it's a rough ride:doah:
ya the back is just sittin on what little bumpstop that i didnt trim off so im just watin to buy a c notch and then no problems for the rear
ya the back is just sittin on what little bumpstop that i didnt trim off so im just watin to buy a c notch and then no problems for the rear
I got 5" in the rear
and cut far as possible stock stops

and I'm about 3/4" from stop to axle
with blown stock LENGTH shocks..
so it's even worst:doah:

front I'm sitting on the front lower stops...I needa get some shorter ones mounted in there or something...or idk what to do:shrug:
take all the bumps out and zip tie some flip flops to the frame for the rear... i rode like that for a while and it was tolerable.
Looking great man!
What's the set up so far?
What's the total drop now and how's the ride?
Looking good. +1 on what the drop is now and how you have accomplished it. What is that in the rear, like 1 spring?lol....Is it me or is the 4Runner bumper facing down a little? Either way, it looks good!
ya i dont have any shocks in the back lol

im not sure we will have to have beefed what the technical drop is
FRONT:1 inch drop ebiachs w/1.5coils cut and heated till the lower control arm sat on where the bumpstop used to contact
REAR:monoleafed 3inch beefed blocks 2/3rds of stock bumpstop cut off aka rearend sitting on little of whats left of bumpstop:evil: lots of rearend slammage:brickknoc
so ride is sh!$#y for now until my new dd a s13 hatch is ready to rock then bags for the taco
and the tech info said to use factory tacoma brackets and myne must be bent or sumethin so the brackets were all sperad open on the frame ends...
Lookin' good man! :headbang:
beefed wat is teh technical drop of my truck?

NOT LOW ENOUGH :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: J/J
way lower than last time i saw it...saw you run by the other night and almost didn't recognize you, lookin good :waytogo:
ya man i was just ridin then i saw u i woulda flashed the hi beams but ya we lowerd it alot more in the front but not in the back yet:evil:gettin a round c notch soon and then once i get my 240sx runnin for my dd laying frame will be inorder
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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