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Hi everyone, after years on the bench after the hearthbreaking sell of my first gen, I've been just commuting my 2012 second gen 2TR-FE automatic. :sleep:

So after more than two years I decided to finally keep that truck and turn it into a new project.

For the first gen I had I build my complete custom turbo project with rebuilt motor and everything but I feel for something else with the second gen.

I know the potential power gain won't compare with a supercharger but I'm appealed by the "bolt-on" aspect and not having to tap into the engine oil system and cooling, return lines and stuff. So this time I'm looking for a root or twin screws charger. I don't want a Rotrex. I want to step on the pedal and hear that mt*f*k*r* whine!

The only kits I found so far are like super complete with integrated water cooler and piggy backs and they are expensive (and from questionable origin). I want to run the stock ECU without meth injection... at least not from the beginning.

Well if someone can point me to a company that offer these kinds of basic roots or twin screw I'd be very happy.

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