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Looking for some help...rotor change...

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I got some new Powerslot rotors from the GB on TW...was wondering if there is a write up on changing my rotors. Gonna attempt this myself. I normally don't do work on my own truck as I don't have the tools nor time nor space. But I want to try to tackle this myself. Looks fairly straight fwd. I have a 02 Tacoma 3.4L 4x4. Thanks.
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Those are easy. Once you unbolt the caliper it should slide right off... If it doesn't get a hammer and hit it off. Then just slide the new rotor on, bolt up the caliper and you're good to go. The 6lug tacos are easy cause they use a floating rotor.
The 6lug tacos are easy cause they use a floating rotor.
that must be nice
What simplifie said... Pretty straight forward.
What part of nor cal are you in? Its a fairly straight forward job though.

Just don't do it without jackstands, at least slide your wheel/tire under the frame on the side you are working on.
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