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Whats up Toyota Gang? My name is Tony, I'm the proud owner of the Little White Taco. I'm a man living in Los Angeles, I work in Media Production and I love to drive my Taco around SoCal. I got my truck about 2 years ago and its one of the best vehicles I've ever owned.
I feel that I got super lucky when I bought it. I found it on OfferUp for $5,800 but I ended up talking it down to $5,200. The truck was about 20 years old and it wasn't perfect but it actually wasn't that bad at all. The guy that sold it to me bought it from an auction and he told me it had low speed front-end damage, but he had fixed it (it was mainly damage to the grill and front bumper). You can't really see the damage unless its pointed out but I plan on keeping this truck forever and I will eventually get the body and paint fixed.
Nice to meet everyone!
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