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Lifting a 5 lug. Mpg's, Spedo/Odo.

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I'm planning on lifting my 5 lug this summer. This truck is my daily driver(80 miles round trip) so not going crazy. I think I've settled on the Doetsch lift, maybe just the spindles. What I don't want is a huge drop in MPG's. I f I go with just the spindles I was thinking of 235's on the stock rims. If I go with the full lift what size tires would still look good but not be so big that the milage goes way down. I know that mpg's will go down I just don't a huge drop. I'm also switching to an elec. fan and do intake and header exhaust to make more power and up the mpg. Also with the bigger tires the spedo and the odo will be off, do you regear to fix this or is there another way? Thanks guys, and before you say, "search", i did and I still have these questions.
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235's is fine with the spindles. Will probably be your best bet with your MPG concerns. If you go the full lift I would do 30's. I have 30's and my gas mileage didn't suffer. Yes your speedometer will be off some, but to regear I wouldn't bother. Just make a mental note of how fast your really going when you speedometer reads a certain number example: speedometer reads 65 -> actually means im going 70.
What about the odometer?? Any fixes, it is digital so is there a way to re-program it??
if your little tacoma is your daily commuter i wouldnt lift it.....

i lifted myn: spindles and shackles. and put 31's on the stock tires. and regeared from 3.58 to 3.73. my gas milage went from 25 to about 22.... i drive a 60 mile commute there and back every day and im not liking the lost in mpg.

but anyhow i plan on ditching the lift and going back to stock after this set of tires. i got 400 miles to the tank one time when i was stock. thats around 30 mpg. now i was driving around 60 on the interstate. but now with the 31's and the lift i can only get around 315 miles to the tank.

the e fan might help your mpg a little. i would go to autozone and get a 16" e fan and just wire up a toggle switch.

and as for the aftermarket intake. that will not help you mpg at all. it will give you some performance. and let you take breath more. but the more air the more gas. so if your going for mpg dont waste you money on the aftermarket intake. toyota designed it that way for a reason.
dont lift it.
dont worry about it you will in the end have less miles its perfect if u ever wanna sell it but its a truck if u lift it = less gas mielage if u cant deal with that then lower it when i had my truck lifted i had 32s and stock gears i diddnt care about the gas mielage b/c u have to make some sacrifices if u want it to look a certain way
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