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I talked to a guy from (I used to have one) He is a wiz with LEDs and has done a pretty good retrofit on the 03+ tails for the celica.

Here is a link to the thread at
and his web site

He said that a retro was doable on any tail light/marker light pretty much any lights. He said that a retro would probably be a lil easier/cleaner on the ebay tails b/c the light areas are round. Lots more info in the thread above. If someone knows how to work with LEDS then there is a pretty good walk through of what he has done so far. Seems pretty straight forward...just time consuming and a lil trial /error.

Any interest for the Tacoma?

These are unfinished pics below...


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just get some LED trailor lights, make an adaptor to plug into the bulb socket and glue the trailor light onto the crome section of the housing, done..

Thats somewhat of an ugly retro..
In the daytime those look like garbage in reguards to visability, nice fabrication skills tho!...
but not as bright as they could be..

To get the most light out of an LED in the daytime,
you have to use amber behind an amber lense and red behind a red lense..
Thats the only way..

Take this challenge..

The brightest badass LED's you can get for our truck in my opinion are the TMI led's..
They make use of the crome housing by emitting the light outward other than rearward so you dont get that BS little tiny gay dot effect in the taillight..

If you have red/clear tails as seen here.. (Thanks George :) )

try these behind the red clears first.. hit the hazzards, turnsignals, whatever...
Do this around noon time on a sunny clear day.. Ya can't see SHlT!

then swap out to your stock tail lenses..

WOW, their brighter than the Polarg light bulbs I had in there before!

I bought a set of these for my truck, exact same brand.
I threw em in and it was night time..

the first thing I noticed about them was the beam of amber light comming from behind me.. People sheilding their eyes, ect..

Exactly what I wanted and much more than I expected...
Daytime was a whole other story..

I never tried these behind the stock red amber lenses at night,
but if my daytime test of the stock vs red clear lense was like it was,
I'd expect alot more people would be paying attention to my turnsignals..

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Was it you that put them under the tailgate with that has that strobing turnsignal setup (like knight ryder)?

They kick out some great stuff..

No video of it at the time, I ended up returning them because I actually couldn't find my turnsignal flasher to change it in with my adjustable speed turnsignal flasher.. I didn't like the hyper blink and I had JUST bought the red clears and didn't want to go to stock..

So I went with a cheapo crome amber bulb, I just didnt want that hint of orange in the clear section for a clean look, I've been considering doing the brake lights tho :)

heres a picture I took of them behind the red clear lenses..

regular amber bulb (left). . . TMI led's (right)

I had to edit the on/off picture because it basically blinded the camera..
It looks 5 X more harsh (bright) than the camera gives it credit for..
that picture was taken about 20 feet away..

Hey Justin (Dragin), what did you do with the center part of your LED bars?


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Looks good! So I would need an electronic flasher for those to work in the turns?

I still have the center bar...haven't really decided what to do with it yet. I thought about hooking it up to my amp for some accent lighting or using it for a future trailer purchase. Another Idea I had was for a dome light if I get a hard bed cover.

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the leds need a load adjuster so they will not blink faster than stock. there is load adjusters on forget the price might be cheaper on ebay. but you need those to prevent from the super fast flashing that occurs when you put those style led bulbs in the stock harness.
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