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Leaning Taco

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Does anyone else have this problem? My truck seems to lean a bit to the drivers side every since i lowered it. I'm not really worried, but i was wanting to know if anyone else had this experience. I have heard that a sway bar will correct this problem. Any help is appreciated.
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Keep in mind the OEM coils are side specific... If you have swapped out the OEM coils for custom, this fact may have been overlooked...

It's also common for Tacos to lean lower on the driver's side due to how much gas you have in your tank...
Yah, Tacos have a serious leaning problem... I never noticed it until I lowered mine, but I happened to notice it slightly on some stock Tacos, too.
Believe me, I've tried nearly everything to correct it without doing something dumb like putting a spacer on one side or something.
I've even gone so far as to custom mount my front sway bar to help it out (the stock location for the sway bar obstructs the airbags, so I had to mount it upside down.)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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