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My solution post:
A bad FOB can blow the program connection between the Tacoma Receiver and FOB(s) The fix is to reprogram FOBs to Tacoma Receiver!!!

Another item to check when FOBs stop working. On my 2011, a FOB went bad so I checked my (new) spare FOB and it also didn't work. I (incorrectly) presumed it would have to be the fault of the Receiver in the truck. I followed steps of disconnecting the battery to reset everything. It did not help thus I continued (incorrectly) presuming the fault to be the receiver.

I fortunately decided to attempt reprogramming my two FOBs after installing new batteries in each. The new spare programed fine; the old original would not reprogram - 6 attempts & 6 failures.

Turns out that a bad FOB can blow the program connection between Receiver and FOB(s). The (thankful) end result was to replace my original FOB with a new spare!
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