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Is this piece the same between DC and ext cab?

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I have a 02 ext cab and he has a 03 double cab. Was gonna buy his door sills from the front driver and passenger side. The ones that is held by 4 long screws and is taken off to remove the kick panels??? Thanks.
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I'll check for u later on my lunch break in my parts dept to see if they're the same part number.
Asked my parts guy and he said they're the same part number... If he's local to you then just compare them side by side but they told me in parts it will work.
Right - the 2001 - 2004 front door 'scuff plates' (as Toyota lists them) are identical for Regular Cabs, XtraCabs, and Double Cabs.

They're available in 2 different colors (charcoal and oak).

SIDE NOTE: You could have confirmed this directly using the 2001-2004 Parts List in the Tech section.
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