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I have a 98 Tacoma extended cab that has a console between the seats. My daughter put something in the interior and put a tear in the console lid on the driver side. Its a pain since when your arm is on it,its in the spot where your elbow rests on it. I can't take it anymore. I have a Toyota dealer about 45 minutes away but asking them for help is like asking for his wallet. Was wondering if anyone knows the part number or something easier so the parts man wont have to do his job. The interior is grey by the way. Could also use a new set of head rests as well.

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1998 - 2000 Center Console Parts ....

See attached pic for item number references.

(2) Lid Assembly, Console

Blue / Gray: 58905-35040-B1

(3) Latch, Console Lid

58908-32040 (included with Console Lid Assembly)

(4) Stopper, Console Lid

Right: 58964-16010
Left: 58965-16010


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