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Injector Question

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Not really a high performance question but I have a 96 Tacoma with a stock 5vz that needs injectors a buddy of mine gave me a set out of a 02 4runner 5vz. The 96 set are the old style metal body and the 02 set are the plastic body. Both sets have the same connecter. Will they interchange as a set or are they different cc's or does any body know what the difference is?
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if im not mistaken they are teh same CC 240 or 245cc i think...
{1) Welcome to (visible) CT! :waytogo:

(2) According to Gadget in this 2006 thread:

... "All years of the 5vz with both style injectors flow in the range of 240cc"
Allright so I should be in good shape, Thanks for the help everyone.
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