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Initial oil change

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Typically, I get a full set of factory manuals when I purchase a vehicle, but my new 2001 S-Runner's full set of three manuals is over $200.00! A bit much. I'll probably just order the "mechanical" manual... Anyway, the point is, I want to do my initial oil and filter change at around a 1000 miles and I need the proper torque setting for the drain plug.
I'm ready to go, got my Toyota filter and the ridiculously expensive and overly complex drain plug washer ($1.25 Ea.!). All I need is that torque setting, help please?
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..Ain't that the truth. I find now that I've dropped my Taco that I have to put it up on little 2x4 blocks to be able to get under it. You'd think Toyota could've found a better place to locate it. :p
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