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I want to put two of these in the taco.

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What else will I need other than two female USB ports to wire them up. It says this is at 24 VDC, so I need to bring it down to 12 VDC right? What else will I need? I've seen a thread on this but I cant find it. I want to hide one to plug my Ipod video chord into to charge while I have the Ipod hooked up to that chord and another in the center console to plug in a usb for charging aux devices like my charge my blackberry.
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Id just go with something like this and take it apart....

Thats what I planned to do but I cant hide both of them. I need access to at least one of the ports. I have that same setup and pulled it apart. I can rewire the board I guess. Hmmmmm I think I might be onto something here. I could buy two of those female plugs and then solder out the double piggy back on the original board. Then wire in separate females. I would just need to find a way to mount the circuit board.
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