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I need some help with tires and wheel size.

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Ok, so I have finally decided to get the new wheels and tires I have been so desperately needing for a LONG time. I have a totally stock silver 2002 Prerunner. I am not looking for advice on lifts or anything like that because I just can't afford all that right now.

I have decided to go with the Ultra Maverick black wheels, but I am not sure what size to get. I wanted to go with 16x8 b/c that is the smallest size they come with and I could get a beefier tire, but it has been suggested to me to go larger. Keep in mind... all stock. The Mavericks come in 16,17,18,& 20.

I want a big beefy tire. The chunkier the better! I still need somewhat decent road travel too though.

Please help me pick out tires and the right wheel size to make my truck "drool-worthy".
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Maybe the Kumho Road Venture MT KL71 in 265/75R16? :shrug:
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