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I.D. these wheels

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Does anyone recognize or know anything about these wheels? Are they indeed TRD wheels?
If so, what would you think about how they might look on my SR?


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Uhhhh, no ... They're not TRD wheels ...

Any clues as to width and offset? You'll need to know both to evaluate potential fitment.

Personally, I don't like them (the rivets / whatever are a bit too much, IMHO ...).

Just my .02 ... It's YOUR truck ...
i dont think theyre trd wheel, they look like something from konig.but i could be wrong.:shrug: ive been seeing a bunch of newer toyotas and scions with "trd" wheels from dealerships.could be just the centercaps though.
I didn't know if Toyota put them out on one of their cars. I e-mailed the guy for the specs, or atleast more than what he put in the ad. I do like the price however, and though they are not my favorite style (which would be staggered and black), they do have a sophisticated look to them.
Since you asked, I don't think I'd like how they'd look on the S.

Of course, its just an opinion -- I've had plenty of negative comments about my wheels :D
I wanna say I've seen TRD rims like that on a first gen Tundra. Could be wrong though.
I wanna say I've seen TRD rims like that on a first gen Tundra. Could be wrong though.
These rims do bear a resemblance to the 16X8 (?) optional TRD rims offered for Tundras some years ago (but discontinued). Here (attached) are a couple of pics of the TRD Tundra rims.

However, you can tell from the pics that the Tundra TRD rims:

- only resemble the OP's CraigsList ones very generally, in the fluted spoke style
- differ from the CL ones in precise spoke shape and number of 'bolts' where they meet the rim
- are 6-lug, not 5-lug

If these are actual Toyota 'TRD' rims, they weren't originally marketed for Tacomas.


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I've seen them on Corollas..

and seen a *single* piece sitting on a display rack at the local dealership(..or a very similar wheel for that fact..).

So I believe there TRD:waytogo:
Maybe some sort of dealer option. There's a bunch of wheels on the racks down there...
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