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How to adjust idle 2rz

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My idle is fluctuating when i come to a stop light, it has a hard time catching idle. It idles at 1k (when i stop it from fluctuating) nice and smooth, its just cant catch it self, the IAC has a strong suction, i can smell gas sometimes at idle. How do i stop this? I have no vacuum leaks. Its the same when i adjust my safc rich or lean... Im stumped..
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tried cleaning the iac? also any mods to the truck?

Its got a t3/t4 and a safc, stock engine. I sprayed throttle body cleaner in the iac hose, just a quickie..
Did this just start? Check for air leaks with carb cleaner (Spray it on possible leak points)
Id say about a week ago..
Yeah it sounds like it may be a vacuum leak somewhere. Is your SEFC a NEO? Does it hack into the IAC valve wiring? If so, I'm not sure that the SAFC stuff can properly decode the PWM strategy, unless it's been updated since I last futzed about with it.
I think its my IAC hose, Previous owner had it plugged in front of the MAF (unmetered Air) rather than behind the MAF (meter air) causeing a rich idle..

Will be welding a nipple on my intake piping so it reads metered air....

hopfully this works.
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