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Secondary Air Injection Bypass Kit
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In our humble opinion there are three option to address faulty Secondary Air Injection System. They are as follows.

Option #1: The most expensive option is taking it to the Dealership and replacing with Factory/OEM Components. On average, most Dealerships will quote between $2,000 – $3,000 for parts and labor. Depending on your engine size, you may need to replace both Air Switching Valves and could involve removal of the intake. However, replacing the Air Switching Valve only partially addresses the Secondary Air Injection System and even worse may only be temporary. This option does not prevent the other Air Pumps or Valves from failing or even guarantee the new Air Switching Valve from failing again in the future.

Option #2: Once you have ruled out taking it to the Stealership you have confidence in your local garage or even doing the job yourself. This in combination with using aftermarket parts will save you a chuck of change. WARNING! DO NOT replace Secondary Air Injection components with cheap aftermarket parts. An initially attractive choice, aftermarket parts will end up costing you more in time and money in the long run. These components are more failure prone then the factory parts. It is not uncommon for them to fail a few weeks or months after installation. This is largely due to the poor-quality materials used to make them and it is not unusual to have aftermarket parts warrantied 2, 3 or even 4 times because codes return.

Option #3: The most comprehensive and cost-effective solution is the Hewitt Tech Bypass Kit. Our Secondary Air Injection System Bypass Kits and Kit Addons are engineered to address multiple types of fault codes across entire Secondary Air System. Additionally, the “Plug and Play” design is compatible with the factory harness which mean you will not have to remove the intake. That said, if you want to get out of Limp Mode, turn off your Check Engine Light, avoid future failures and save thousands of dollars; a Hewitt Tech Secondary Air Injection Bypass kit is what you need.

The following includes details from our Blog "Secondary Air Injection Bypass Kit Comparison". We hope this information will help you better understand the failure prone system and if you have any question do not hesitate to contact us on the forum or through our website.

Hewitt Tech Bypass Kits
Hewitt Tech bypass kits come in two generations: Gen 1 and Gen 2. When deciding which kit is best for you, please note that our solutions are vehicle specific and error code specific. That said, compatibility depends on your vehicle’s year, model, and engine size. Additionally, the error codes that are present will play a factor in bypass kit selection and will help determine if you need any kit add-ons.

It is also important to understand that Gen 1 and Gen 2 bypass kits operate differently and address different subsets of SAIS fault codes. Please also be aware that installation varies according to engine size and bypass kit selected. After reading this article, we encourage you to use the “Search By Vehicle” feature on our website to find compatible bypass kits. Individual product listings will provide further details.

Gen 2 Bypass Kits
The Gen 2 is Hewitt Tech’s most comprehensive bypass kit and the best solution to address or prevent secondary air injection system failures. Unlike the Gen 1 bypass kit that only manipulates the operation of the SAIS, the Gen 2 bypass kits fully emulate it. Why is this an advantage?

First, the Gen 2 can address mechanical and electrical SAIS fault codes, limiting the potential need for kit add-ons. Secondly, the Gen 2 is compatible with Toyota’s most recent ECM flashes and recalibrations, including ECM programming for Flex Fuel models. Lastly, since the Gen 2 emulates the SAIS, monitors will show as ready and complete. The Gen 2 bypass kits will include block off plates to prevent future damage of pressure sensors by exhaust.

Gen 1 Bypass Kits
Our basic bypass kit, the Hewitt Tech Gen 1 prevents operation of the SAIS at cold soak start. It enables you to clear the check engine light, “limp mode” and error codes related to mechanical SAIS faults. The Gen 1 bypass kit is compatible with most Toyota and Lexus vehicles manufactured from 2005 to 2012, as well as select vehicles manufactured in 2013. It’s made with automotive-grade materials and is designed to blend in with the factory wiring harness.

This bypass kit includes a module, a harness, block off plates, and a starter relay wire. The starter relay wire, which is only available from Hewitt Tech, ensures that the module actively prevents the SAIS from running on every start. The Gen 1 bypass kit is NOT compatible with Flex Fuel models or vehicles with certain ECM reflashes.

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Additional Secondary Air Injection Resources
To learn more about what is the SAIS or SIAS error codes click on the following “Must Read” Hewitt Tech Threads:

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