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I had bought a custom set of high comp forged JE Pistons a while back to because i wanted to build my 2RZ but my truvk got wrecked, so i am selling them now. I had forgotten the Comp ratio but here are the specs.

Bore: 3.783
Comp. Height: 1.010
Forging: 94MM
Pin.Dia: .927
PinLength: 2.500
Dome: .150
Top Ring: 1/16
Piston Weight: 330

They also have some upgrades on them:

Double Pin Oilers
Accumulator Groove
Tulip Valve Pockets

These are complete custom ordered forged pistons from JE. They have never been used and are in perfect condition. They, however, Do not come with wrist pins, just the clips. They look awesome and have the four valve reliefs for high compression. They run very expensive but am willing to let them go for $500 OBO. I included a picture too. I am located in So Cal but am willing to ship

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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