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One thing I love about my 3RZ swapped 1st Gen 4Runner is the Torque and grunt the engine has...

Swap has been done for ~2 years without any issues - no codes, running well.

Recently added the LCE High Boost Supercharger to the engine. Using the provided FTC1 Split Second piggyback for Timing/5th injector control.


~180-185 Psi Compression Each Cylinder
Stock Cams, Valve Clearances in Spec.
LCE Header
2.5” Mandrel Bent TIG Welded Exhaust From downpipe to tailpipe.
2.5” Magnaflow Free Flow Cat
Recent 02 Sensors, Tune-Up, etc before S/C Install.
Walbro 190 Fuel Pump
Fresh (stock) LCE Injectors.

I know they say to give it ~200 miles to get used to the changes, I’m at about 600ish now and it has really poor low rpm performance.

Before, in any gear, even at 1700-2500rpm it would still pull. Now, it falls flat and doesnt climb in rpm unless I shift. If I give it subtle throttle it can climb out of the stumble, but WOT is a no go.

Feels to me like timing is being pulled really early, I don’t think it’s a fuel issue because once the rpm climbs above 3500 or so it pulls nice and linear.

Double checked all of my wiring, vaccuum lines, and even swapped my FPR (stock) from a donor motor just in case - no change.

Anyone had similar results from a bone stock LCE Install?

(pic was after first install,FPR vacuum line had been swapped to boost side of intake since this pic)

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Do you have an AFR gauge? The superchargers build boost quickly and might even be bogging down with too much fuel from the extra injector. What's the lowest RPM range you have the 5th injectors turning on at? Or is it based on boost alone?
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