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Hey Rich Quin. (04- / Wheels)

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I saw your truck finally. What a coincidence to run into you here. I thought it was you when I saw your Audi in one of the pictures. I finally got the Lexus wheels to bolt on my truck. I had some work done on them. I'll be lowering it next year. By the way, your truck is sweet. Take a look: <a href=>97 Tacoma
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Re: Hey Rich Quin.

Hey man...good to see you! Those IS wheels look GOOD on the Taco!!! As you can see, I'm still on my factory wheels.. I put too many miles on the truck to buy tires without a mileage warranty, plus I have 2 other money pits (with wheels) to spend my cash on... Oh yeah, I sold the Audi.. *sniff*.. Like I said, had to fund the money pits...
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