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Hello! I have a question

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I actually have had an account here for a while, but haven't been on for over a year. My 95 Tacoma was totaled in 2008 and I needed a ride quickly so I purchased a 91 Toy P/U 4x4 5spd 3.slow, its alright...but I miss my Tacoma and want another! I found this on Craigslist, a black 1998 3.4 5spd 4x4 ext. cab, the interior needs work but the exterior looks pretty decent (from the pictures) the only worry I have is the 210,000 miles on the odo, they are asking $5,999. Is this a decent buy do you think? Can someone direct me to somewhere else on this site I can post this to get better advice about this?

The Craigslist Ad here:

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Moving thread to 'On Road' - where it will hopefully get more notice ... :waytogo:
Is this the same Taco?

If so - there are several photos available on the AutoTrader listing.

The asking price isn't 'high' compared to other current AutoTrader listings for '98 4X4 V6's.

My first advice would be to check the frame for signs of rust. You won't have many years left on the extended warranty provisions of the 1995.5 - 2000 frame rust campaign (more info available in the sticky threads in Exterior).
Thats the one! I will definitely check for rust. I briefly looked over the rust coverage thread and couldn't find how much longer 95.5-00 Tacos will be covered? (that thread was back in like 2008) This is a dealership selling it anyways, so if I do find rust I'll mention it and make sure they fix it before I buy it. And what about the mileage, my old Taco had 175k and my P/U now has I making 210k seem like a lot? Or just broken in :thinking:
The documents in the Exterior sticky thread are the official campaign policies. The extended warranty coverage extends out to so many years from the model year or time of purchase.

The mileage is high, but the number of miles isn't as important as the degree of general 'wear and tear'. There's no way to evaluate that without checking the truck closely.
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