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heater control panel lights?

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anyone know the bulb size for the heater control panel? or where to get that size bulb in red? i put red 194s behind my gauge cluster and it looks kinda dumb how the heater control panel is still green
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anyone know the bulb size for the heater control panel? or where to get that size bulb in red? i put red 194s behind my gauge cluster and it looks kinda dumb how the heater control panel is still green
its a 74 buld
Don't know the original bulb, but use the NEO4-GHP LED.
its a 74 buld

Is that the same as a 74 dulb? :evil:

I need to get two of the "green weenie" ones. I am new to my Tacoma, and I was out last night, and I didn't see any way to figure out what dial was in what position for the heater controls. I assumed there must be so way, and today I took the face plate off and looked inside. Took me a while to see that the dulbs were the little ones with the green condoms on them. Took them out, and both are dead, and the condoms ripped when I took them off (will have to wait 28 days for an answer) and will have to get all new ones.

They are the same as the little dash light bulbs in my 79VW bus, but without the green.

Where's the best place (cheapest) to get those and the other dash bulbs in a Tacoma???
Look at

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I'm an OEM kind of guy. I gave up on "hotness" about 40 years ago. :D

I do need a diagram of the locations of all the bulbs in the dash. The Toyota Owners Manual shows some locations, but it doesn't give bulb size, or what is the "item" it's indicating.

What are the colors for the D, 2, and 1 positions for the shift lever? The P, R, and N all work, but the others are dead. Is there one bulb for all three of the forward speeds? Be nice to know when I'm in D, and not 2. :brickknoc

There is suppose to be an indicator for "overdrive", but mine doesn't light and I don't know where it's located on the dash.

Is there a good PDF of the dash lights and what each one is?????

Thanks for any help. I want to remove the dash this week to change out the dead bulbs, and I will probably video tape the operation and post it to my YouTube account.
My thread that is for 95-97 AC Light Replacement may be similar to the 98 and newer styles but don't quote me on that as I only know my 97 style.
I installed two in my dash today for the heater controls. They were the normal 74's that I got (two pack) at O'reileys Auto Parts. I just got the truck so I'm not used to the green bulbs, so the clear ones look fine to me.

But if you want to go colored "and" still have dimming control, you can dip the tips in "glass paint/dye". You can get the glass dye at hobby shops and craft stores. I may do this for the "green effect", but the normal clears ones look ok to me, as I have never seen what the dash looks like in green.

I also called a friend at an electronics parts store about "dimmable" LED's, for car dashes, and he told me you need some "other" electronics to be able to do that, and with my older truck, it would not be cost effective.

So painted glass would be the best alternative for me. It was a big enough pain to get the new bulbs in, so I may not want to pull them out again.
I bought some leds that dim I didnt believe till I threw them on but they do been on for 12k no probs

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I personally have my dimmer maxed out to avoid that issue with my LEDs, the brightness is perfect and needs no adjustment on my end to see everything clearly.
Replaced the burnt out #74's with new one's, but without the green condoms. I've never seen them as "green" so the white looks ok to me.

Took out the dash today, but I need to find the little (T80 ?) bulbs. Local dealer has them for $7.50 each. :looney: Can't understand why the bulbs for 2, and 1 are burnt out with the D bulb.

Also found that one of the "green weenie" 194's is burnt out too. I may just convert all of the instrument clusters green 194's to clear. I haven't driven that much at night since I got the truck, so it may not be a big deal either. Anyone out there convert their green dash lights to plain white????

I also found a couple errors in the "instructions" too. There's an extra screw that's not called out, and I almost broke the black plastic that goes around the instrument cluster because of it.
... Took out the dash today, but I need to find the little (T80 ?) bulbs. Local dealer has them for $7.50 each. :looney: Can't understand why the bulbs for 2, and 1 are burnt out with the D bulb. ...
So we're talking about a column shifter model? :shrug:

I'm not sure about the indicator lamps in the cluster, but the indicator lamps in the floor shifter version are a peculiar version of whatever bulb it is (something different about the mounts). Over the years some folks have found it necessary to get the peculiar factory bulbs to make them work.

Here (attached) is the non-tach cluster wiring diagram. You'll see that the D,2, and L indicators are triggered by independent incoming lines, but all of them are eventually tied together on one circuit leading to the rheostat. This eventual path leads through one of the cluster illumination sockets / bulbs.

Have you checked the indicator lamps *after* replacing a burnt-out cluster illumination bulb? I could see where a blown cluster illumination bulb might affect the behavior of gear indicator lamps whose path to ground ran through the burnt-out bulb's location.


I just typed up a full story, and it got lost here. Some how I got "logged out". :brickknoc

All there of the bulbs for D, 2, and 1 were burnt out. Checked all the bulbs in the panel too. Had the very LH 194 bulb burnt out too. The "overdrive on/off" was burnt out also. Checked all the rest and those were the only ones.

I took the tiny bases for the "shift location lights" out, and could see that the bulbs were just "tied in" by their conductor wires. Was going to order some, but the shipping was too much for just 3 bulbs, so I went to the Toyota dealer for 3 at $6.50 :selfbonk: Took the Toyota parts person a "looooong" time to find the part number for them. But I have it now if anyone wants it.

The Number is: 83120-04090

If I had more time to waste, I would have ordered these. It's pretty easy to change them out. I will post some photos of the bases with bulbs, and the bulbs removed.

Also had a 194 out, but I didn't want to chase down "green ones" so I replaced them all with clear long life bulbs. Good for 10,000 hours. Hope to live that long. Since I've only driven the truck at night once for about 1 hour, the white light will seam normal to me. :lol:
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Got the last bulb today, and installed everything this afternoon. It all went back together quickly, and I had no problems.

Then I did a test, and one of the "new extended life" bulbs didn't light up it's part of the dash. Crap. :selfbonk: Do I just let it be, or take it all off again.

Took it all off again, and the new bulb had gone "white" inside. So I got one of the old bulbs out, and took the green condom off, and put it in. Then one of the instrument cluster screws decided to take a trip down the LH vent opening, so I had to go make a flexible magnet to get it out. :brickknoc

Every thing is back together and working, so I feel I have one thing fixed, and it's now on to changing/turning the rotors.

I do like the color of the dash with the green condoms off all the lights.

As a side note, I was looking at the side of the AC button, and it's light is one of the little bulbs that light up the shift positions.
Drove with the new "green less" lights in the dash, and I really like the color of the "just plain" bulbs. I don't think there is a good reason to fuss around with trying to save or find new green covers for installing new bulbs.
How does the dash lighting look without the condoms? Brighter? Crisper?
In my thread I have a pic of green condomless bulb installed, and it gives a dim yellow color with a #74 clear bulb, it is not flat white when its dark. Pics speak louder than words, so here you go.

No condom on a #74 clear bulb

#74 Blue LED


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I found a clear dash LED setup for those wondering what it looks like.


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Thanks for posting those pics for illustration, D Rock ... :waytogo:
They look great without the green covers. I got to see them late in the day (not full dark) and was pleasantly surprised by the color. Not too bright, and not too dim, and everything is very clear. Plus you can use bulbs off the shelf from all sorts of places.

But I haven't had the truck long or driven much at night, so to me this is the "new normal".
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