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Headlight Replacement

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My '95 Tacoma came stock with sealed beam headlamps which I don't like. I recently purchased some conversion headlamps that look and fit like the sealed beam style that I have but they accept H4 style bulbs. My problem is that I have no clue how to get the headlamp out! I have a repair manual but it only talks about replacing bulbs on newer models not the entire lamp such as on my truck. I'm thinking I need to remove the grille. Does anyone know? I need help!

If you don't know what headlamps I'm talking about I've attached a picture.



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I used to have a '96 Taco, which is identical to your '95. Yes, you need to remove the grill to get at your headlights. There are tiny little spring clips scattered about the back of your grill which hold it in place. Each clip must be unsecured before you can remove the grill. The spring clips are unsecured by pressing down each one in the center while pulling forward. A narrow blade flat screwdriver is the perfect tool to use here, but it'll take a loooong one to reach a few of those clips.

See page 197 in your owner's manual for some of the locations of the clips, but don't trust the picture. I believe there are more clips on the actual grill than on the one in the illustration. You will probably break several clips while removing the grill--I did. I bought new replacement clips a few days after that, but I never installed them because the few clips holding the grill in place were very sufficient to do the job. Don't worry if you must leave a few out when you reinstall the grill. It'll hold.

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Thanks for the info. I know how to get the grille off, i just needed to know if I needed to. Thanks a lot.
where did u buy your h4 conversion headlights at? do u think it'll fit on a 98?
I got mine on ebay for about $60 bucks with some bulbs. They'll fit in place of any head lamp with the same shape, I think its 6x8 Not sure though.
do they make the h4 conversion for 98 tacomas?
97 up uses the composite headlamps from the factory with a H4 bulb. You could upgrade bulbs or install HID headlamps. There is an article in the current MT magazine.
The 98 Tacos already have the H4 bulbs in them. They're a compsite light and not sealed.
How long does it take to do the conversion of the lights? I saw the article in Mini Truckin' and was thinking about upgrading too.
Well it'll take a while because if you want the composite lights from the sealed beam, you have to drill out the tack welds, get the new brackets, the new composite HL, line up the brackets and lights with the hood and the grill, THEN weld it together and screw in the HL. To me it sounds like you should take it somewhere, but then again that's just me. If you want to go from the sealed beam to the diamond back kit. (HL boxes the same size as a sealed beam but can take an H4 bulb) That took my friend an I about 25 minutes to do it in his Mazda and line up the lights too.
i have the new lights on my taco. i believe the brand is called Adjure. I have the diamond back ones. they give the truck a little face lift. mine have the "city lights" on them. little colored bulbs. i attached it to a toggle switch. you should check them out. i ordered them through a local shop here in Va Beach.

they took about 20 minutes to install.
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