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Head guru's. Will the valves from an older head interchange with the valves in a newr

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I've been looking, and looking for a replacement motor. The piston hit the exaust valves this time, so to save some hassle, I was trying to find an 01+ longblock.... Doesnt seem to be happening. 01+ has the cam position sensor, and no distributor, or coil pack mount..... So I found a rebuildable short block for next to nothing...

I know the 2rz/3rz heads are the same....

I want to take a set of valves out of my spare 96 8-port head, and put them in my 01 4 port head, will they work with just some valve lapping and reshim ?

Going to replace the bent valves, relap all the valves, shim them.... Basic rebuild on shortblock, reassemble and install....
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I don't know for sure, but ...

I've checked the FSM's for the 1995.5 - 1997 and the 2001 - 2004 generations, and the 2RZ / 3RZ valve inspection specifications are identical in terms of:

- valve face angle
- valve head margin thickness
- valve overall length (both minimum and maximum)
- valve seat specifications
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