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Greetings from NorthEast Ohio

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Hey everyone.

I bought my first 4X4 V6 Taco to tow a trailer and haul my ATVs around when the family and I go out playing. It's been a great truck so far and the six speed is super on gas. Just had the dealer install the 4-leaf springs with Bilstein shocks, all for free covered under the TSB.

I registered on this site mostly with the intention of finding Taco specific info. In fact, I've already had a few tech responses from a couple of you after posting. I've been a member of an S10 truck specific site as well since I have a custom S10 Pickup with a Corvette V8 project that I built and only drive in the summer.

Hope to absorb as much info from you guys and perhaps share some as well.
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Welcome to CT! :waytogo:
Welcome! You have pics of the S-10?
Welcome! You have pics of the S-10?
Here's a couple pics of the S10.


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Welcome to CT!
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