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Green Liquid From Exhaust???

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Hi guys, new member here. Also a fairly new first time Tacoma owner.

This morning I noticed a green stain in the snow under the truck. It's leaking from the exhaust joint after the Y pipe. Not coolant since the truck has red coolant in it. I don't think it's sulfur oxide either since that's usually more yellow in color. This green stuff doesn't have a noticeable odor. While sniffing it, I did get some on my skin and it tends to turn yellow and stain.

It's most prevelant after the truck has been parked and cools, which suggests something is condensing in the warm exhaust.

Any ideas?
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note dont drunk pee under your truck
Yeah I know, but I don't pee green...
dunno... you may wanna see a doctor about your 'issue'

could be some form of corrosion with the exhaust condensation, but very odd
Barium or copper would be my first instinct, based on what you have said. Any recent fluid additives? Did you see any carbon tracking at the joint?
(1) What shade of green is it? Deep dark green? Medium 'grass' green? Light yellowish-green?

(2) Are you sure it's leaking from inside the joint?

(3) Have you placed a sheet of something underneath to get a 'pure' sample and to see when it's dripping?

(4) Can you confirm when it seems to be leaking? As soon as the truck is parked, or maybe after an hour or so?
No carbon tracking or recent additives. The color is a bright green, almost like antifreeze.

Definitely leaking at the joint. The joint had a couple drips on it. It only drips out after the truck is parked for at least an hour. I was not able to get a "sample" yet since it dripped onto the 4" of snow under the truck. It seems to do this after each temperature cycle. Maybe I'll start it up tomorrow and collect a "stool" sample to analyze.
There's only so many bright green liquids in your truck. If it looks like anti freeze, it's more that likely anti freeze.
There's only so many bright green liquids in your truck. If it looks like anti freeze, it's more that likely anti freeze.
Agreed, but like I has red antifreeze, not green.
do you use any of that green washer fluid?
Strange... A few years ago Amsoil had a green-colored synthetic gear oil.
I found multiple threads on other (non-Taco) forums about similar yellow / green residue drippings. On one Ford diesel forum a guy posted symptoms that sounded just like the OP's, and he finally concluded it was snow and / or (outside) exhaust line residue melting off.

One key test involved placing chunks of snow up onto the exhaust and allowing them to melt. This (at least for some of the other guys) would reproduce the yellowish drippings underneath the truck.

Some of the threads involved suspicions the residue was coming from inside the exhaust system, but I couldn't find one that confirmed the source of the colored residue came from inside.
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