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Are you looking for a truck bed cap that is as versatile, durable, reliable, and rugged as the truck itself? A truck cap that works as hard as you do is finally here! RSI SmartCap EVOc Commercial Series Truck Bed Cap has taken the market by storm.

Built from automotive-grade stainless steel, the SmartCap can be assembled and installed in under an hour. Its 770lbs static load rating means truck owners can mount a rooftop tent and still have enough weight capacity to put people and gear in it. The steel side doors with the optional rear window Security Mesh provide incredible security for your truck bed. The EVOc utilizes an innovative sealing method -when properly installed, the SmartCap is weatherproof. Come rain, snow, high winds, or freezing temperatures—your cap will remain watertight, and your cargo will stay dry.

This SmartCap can be removed in under 15 minutes giving you the ability to haul taller loads on short notice. Then, when you’re ready to get back to business, EVOc is back on in a snap!

SmartCap® - EVOc Commercial Series Truck Bed Cap



  • The Stainless Steel Side Doors are incredibly secure
  • The Security Screen rear window stainless steel mesh adds another layer of protection for your SmartCap™ EVOc
  • Smart Components let you organize your commercial truck bed exactly how you want it
  • 5-piece design includes an innovative sealing method that when properly installed makes the SmartCap™ weatherproof
  • The SmartCap™ can come off or on in just 15 minutes-giving you the ability to haul taller loads
  • The Positive Pressure Air Vent keeps road dust outside of the enclosed bed rather than all over your stuff
  • Integrated Roof Rails allow you to utilize other Smart Components for mounting your cargo, gear or other equipment
  • The SmartCap™ incorporates a high mounted third brake light
  • 3 year comprehesive warranty provided on all parts and workmanship
  • Weather proof and Easy removal

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