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Gaylords Speedstur Wing Lid

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Just sold my 2008 X-runner. Sorry to see it go...loved the truck! Needed some more room so I replaced it with a Forester.

Looking to get rid of my Gaylords Speedstur Wing Lid that's now sitting in my garage!
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Might help if people knew where u live, also a couple pics of it would help. I'm sure most know what it looks like but peopleneed to see YOUR cover.
Need to post a price too bro:waytogo:

Or just point out that the link in the bottom of ur post will send u to the page where u have all the above listed. Duh to me
Yeah, the link at the bottom will bring you to the post in the For Sale section. Just in case anyone is interested, here is some info.

Area: Cincinnati, OH
Price: $750
Condition: Good condition, no scratches, all hardware in good working condition. Comes with both remotes, harness, etc.

PM me or post a message if you want more info. There are also some pictures on the link I posted in the For Sale section.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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