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Gaylords Speedstur Wing Lid BSP for 05-10 Tacoma

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Getting rid of my BSP X-runner and trying to sell the tonneau cover that I have on it. It's a Gaylord's Lids Speedstur Wing Lid. This lid has a carpet lining on the inside, dome light, remote keyless open and gas strut assist lift hinges. Fits any 7' bed 05-10 Tacoma.

Bought new for $1,300. Looking to get $750.

Email me if you have any questions or are interested. Located in Cincinnati Area.

[email protected]


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Just got rid of the truck and now it's sitting in the garage. Make me an offer!
for that price, i would pick it up after payday (monday) but i live south of LA...


BUMP for a good price
Where are you? Did not see much info in your profile.

Nice looking lid... Bumped again..
Just outside of Cincinnati, OH.
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