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Front Bumper/ Side Steps

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First off does anyone know where i can get a plastic piece that goes under the front bumper of a 2001 toyota Tacoma? Secondly could any of yall recommend where good place would be to get a pair of side steps for my truck for a fairly good price?

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(1) What are the details on the 2001 Taco? :shrug: (Hint: Fill out your Profile)

(2) Are you asking about the valance panel? (See the attachments)


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Is a 2001 2.7L 4-cyl extended cab tacoma, and yes that looks like what im looking for, sorry about the lack of info
You can stop by your local bodyhop and ask them to order it for you. They can get a cheaper aftermarket alternative vs the OEM piece.

It shouldn't be too expensive, but you are probably better off getting it from the dealership. Just so it will fit with less hassle.
also maybe a junk yard?
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