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Frame rust help

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I took some pictures of a little of my frame rust. Do y'all think it would qualify for the frame recall? (Sorry about the poor quality pictures)


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You qualify if you can put a ball peen hammer though it. Does it look brittle
or just surface rust?
(1) Welcome to CT! :waytogo:

(2) The key is the hammer test. If the hammer perforates the frame, it fails. Otherwise, it passes but can be tested again for as long as the extended warranty period lasts.
Hate to say it but your frame looks new compared to some of the frames I've seen that qualified for the buy back program.
agreed - doesn't look all that bad - looks like mostly surface rust -
Mine is pretty much the same way. Surface rust here and there. I wasn't sure about the buy back and I definitely didn't want a new Taco. So I went ahead and began to bag it.
looks worse then mine that got bought back.
I think allot of it depends on the representative that Toyota sends out to inspect your truck, I guess theres only one way to find out :shrug:
There's not a lot of personal judgment the inspector can exercise in the inspection. The criteria and the test are specified in detail, and the outcome is pretty much determined by whether the hammer punches through or not ...

All the details are posted in the sticky threads in Exterior ...
Ok thanks for the input from all of yall i guess ill just go in one day and find out
Don't do I till ur ready to let loose of it.

My spot was where the pass side shockmounted to the frame in the rear.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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