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Well, I just got my 2006 TRD Sport lifted and new wheels and tires put on, so now it is time to sell the old stuff. I really prefer not to ship, but will at the buyer's expense. Everything is located in Anaheim, CA. Here is the list:

1. First, I have TRD Sport front and rear suspension components. Billstein strut and spring, already assembled, and billstein rear shocks. Again, on my truck for 20,000 miles, no problems. Asking for $200 obo. Here is a pic.

2. Next, I have four mudflaps off my truck. Asking for $60. Here is a pic.

Hopefully everything is clear. Again, I prefer not to ship, so pickup is appreciated. Please respond on this thread if interested or pm me if any questions. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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