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I did the fog lights mod which I really love. I used the "light green" wire that everyone was talking about on TN and it worked like a charm. What I like the most is the fogs come on automatically when I turn the key over to ignition, but they stay off on accessory so I can listen to the stereo w/o the fogs. They also are still controlled with the dash switch if I completely want to shut them off.

Question is...

What's the harm in jumpering from the fog lamps to the number 1 terminal on the DTRLs? I mean, it's a dual filament bulb anyway and instead of running the wire through the firewall and tying it in to the fuse box in the cab, why can't I just use the load side of the fog lamps circuit. If I hooked it up in parallel, there should be no problem w/ a bulb going out and taking the whole string with it. That would also enable me to completely shut down all DTRLs and fogs from the existing dash switch and not have to install a new one. The only thing I can see is maybe that relay for the fogs wouldn't handle the load and need to be upgraded.

Sounds good in theory.

EE's help me out here!
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