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I installed a 3RZ (from a ‘98 4x4) into my ‘95 2wd last week. This was the easiest swap I have done. Everything bolted together easily (I did swap oil pans). I also fabbed up 2 EGR block off plates from 1/4” aluminum.

The 3RZ ecu connectors are the same as the 2RZ. The wires are in different locations so I did have to splice a dozen or so wires. This was the only wire splicing needed.

I got the wiring schematics from the free online database at City of Canon, Colorado public library. The images are not the best, but you can’t beat free.

As for performance, the 3RZ is a hands down winner to me. The peak power difference isn’t that noticeable to me, but the torque and smooth power at lower RPMs make daily driving more enjoyable.

Here is a pic of the differences between the clutches.

My question deals with the bell housings. I used the bellhousing off the ‘98 because I read in forums that it was necessary. I compared the 2 bellhousings and I could not tell them apart. Both of them bolt to either engine and both bolt to either trans. I measured the height and they were identical. Am I missing something?
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