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fabtech coils for sale

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have some 3 in fabtech coils for sale looking to get 100 bucks for them obo
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are you willing to ship? if so, ill take them.
They are for 4 cyl and yes they will work with stock control arms well if u pay for the shipping for them i will
well then, how about a shipping cost quote for me.
Do you know what the coil rate is on them, pound wise, by chance ?.. I may be interested.
i have no idea what the rate is for them
You have a PM.
Just for future reference... the Fabtech p/n FT2001P coils are a #370/in rating with a 3.29 ID. Trying to be a little helpful to the forum here. Unfortunately I'm going to have to pass on them for now, bitchin' deal though.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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