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Ending the Debate...

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Well probably not but I have done some work recently on the Taco - the problem was fuel mileage - When I purchased the truck it was getting roughly 18-19mpg (2004 Prerunner 3.4L auto) - over the past year the mileage has fallen off to about 14-15mpg no matter how I drove... I did the following with the results listed

Mileage when purchased: 85,000
Mileage now: 117,000
Time owned: 16 months

New Spark Plugs: No change
Air Filter (K&N): No Change
Fuel Injector Cleaner x2: No Change

So after all that I got the same 14-15mpg... Usually I got about 200 miles
before I for to slightly below 1/4 tank.

Replaced the fuel filter the other day and low and behold - I am just above 1/4 tank and have traveled 287miles...

So for those who don't think the fuel filter should be serviced I respect your opinion - however with my results I feel it IS indeed a servicable part. To each their own but all I know is my mileage went up when I replaced mine

PS. when I removed the old one - it was everything I could do to blow through it... there was an apparent blockage.

Just thought I would post my findings up for others to see. :waytogo:
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So - do you think the old filter had been on there from the beginning? :thinking:

... And had you been having any 'symptoms' of problems other than decreased mpg?
It looked original - Toyota marking and looked the part ---

I had started to notice some occasional dipping rpms at idle (over 5 minutes while warm)

Other than that it seemed that everything was going like normal - acceleration was good, no other issues that I noticed.
Yep - that's why I posted my findings...
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