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egr/vsv hose diagram needed

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i have a 98 3rz with s/c. ive been getting cel saying p0401 after 400 miles im not certain if i hooked the vsv hoses up rite so i swapped them last nite and got a cel p0171. my only thought is the hoses are crissed crossed cant find this on the internet. any help thanx
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maybe these will help?

pictures of one of my old motors, unmodified, out've the truck:


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checked char canister looks good the way it looks is they i had it when it threw p0401 lrite cool i have a startin place thanx
Did you double check your gas cap? Make sure it tight and the o-ring seal around the cap isnt damaged.
i havent had this prob til i put the supercharger gas cap is alrite maf is gd
make block off plates for the egr pipe flange at the header and intake manifold, get a 10k ohm resistor to put in the vsv sensor and ditch that whole retarded egr system :waytogo:
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