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E3 or Pulstar sparkplugs

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Any of you guys try either of those plugs out in your rigs? Any noticeable difference?
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i think they are snake oil fixs... the iridium i have dynoed. in a 01 nissan frontier 4cyl, i think it was like 3 HP gain. not much, but for something that is maintenance.... why not
Balboa reported a smoother idle and some performance benefits with Pulstars. Others had similar results, but have also had reliability issues too. If you think $25/plug + potential for slight performance and/or pre-mature failure is justified, then go for it. Personally, I'd rather apply the $100 for a lightweight fw and clutch upgrade.

I run NGK Iridiums and that'd be my recommendation.

Pic shows Pulstar's plasma charge compared with a convential spark (looks promising, I must say):

Searched Performance "Pulstar":
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ive ran the e3 plugs in other trucks and it ran alot of smoother. im looking to try them in my 2.7. maybe if anyone else has ran them they will give some input
The best spark plug for a Toyota engine is Denso or NGK, anything else is an adventure. I like Denso over NGK but they're both really good. I suggest Denso Iridium and call it a day.
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