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drop question

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sorry for the noob question, but if i run a 3/4 which leafs should i pull? n if i do a b/j flip how low gon go?
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(1) Welcome to CT! :waytogo:

(2) What are the specifics on your Tacoma? It might make a difference ... :thinking:
for 3/4 i would just run a 4" block in the rear and leave the leafs alone. b/j flip is good for about 2.5 -2.75" drop.
I actually got a full 3" out of my flip. and just jammed a block in the rear. That didn't sound right at all.
word, mine was perty close to full 3. maybe because of the weight difference or something.
k so wit da bj flip gon be closer to a 5 den? is it worth it to buy the drop springs or cut springs good enuf?
Ask all your great questions with Beefed Taco (Brian). I was in the exact place you were in almost 3 years ago and Ive come a long way since then. He has done all my suspension work and I couldnt be more grateful.:waytogo:
k so wit da bj flip gon be closer to a 5 den? is it worth it to buy the drop springs or cut springs good enuf?
R we txting now? I thaght we were in front of the computer with some time to spare.

I was under the impression that any more than 3" in the front, and the ability to get a straight alignment was out the window. Somebody please inform me on how to go lower in the front and still be able to not wear the tires out. Seriously, I would like to know. I'm at 3" and I had a perfect alignment with no shims (I say HAD because one pothole later, it's out and my passenger tire is bald for the first inch and a half on the inside, yet my toe in is still set up at 1/32" out).
I know we can go with drop spindles, or CA's, but is that the only way to pull it off?
Alright so Im at a 6 inch drop in front and I got my alignment done some time last summer and to this day I have no tire wear. I had it done with the specs at -1 on each side. I have no shims and the tech guy told me he set it up like that because when theres a driver and or passenger the suspension settles a bit more where the tires will sit perfectly even on the pavement. With this in mind Im planning to go lower in the front.:waytogo:
A B/J flip and 3 inch chassis tech drop coils.
k so i got quoted for drop springs at 400+, if i cut springs will the ride be super ****ty or wat?
Where the hell did you get that quote?

Just buy em online. for ChassisTech

search for Belltechs or Eibach Toyota Tacoma 2wd on Google or Bing..will find some.
Eibachs are discontinued but there are new sets floating around still.

there $90-140 brand new..
used there $40-80..depending what your looking at and condition.

Edit: and FYI I have cut springs ride fine if you got a decent shock,

mine are cut for 4" drop..and sit on lower arm it feels like I bottom out everything..but that's my fault.

but when I had them cut for 3" they rode smooth and should be fine on the stops
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Wow! My drop coils only cost me $40 from a CT member. If you cut your coils you should be fine just make sure all your ball joints, swaybar endlinks, and especially shocks will make your ride really smooth. The coils are one of the phases in dropping your truck.
You looking for a static/even drop or more of a raked look?
Heres a pic of my truck back in the day.


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yah idk, maybe the guy thought i said something else. wen he told me i wuz lyk wtf 4 billz gahh damn. if i go with a 3" in the front, how many rings would i have to cut? damn toycoma98, suka is smoood
Heres mine currently at 6/7 looking to go lower so I can tuck more tire. I like a little more rake than most peeps.:waytogo:


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damn fukaaa is cleaaannn. i want mine like that, but you know bottom out?
No I dont bottom out just buzz some rubber on front tires on some big dips.
Since we are on the conversation of lowering... I just want to level out the truck and be gone with some of that rediculos space in the back wheel well. I was thinking just 2" blocks and thats it. I dont want to add anything but blocks or make any other mods (besides blocks) Would 2" blocks be low enough to level it out? Or do i need 3"? Thanks.
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