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drop help!

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okay i just got done pulling my middle leaf. i currently have 4in blocks. pulling my leaf made no difference in the height it looks the same:shrug:
is it because i flipped the overload upright position? idk why it didnt make a difference. oh and i have different size tires im running a 60 series in the front and a 70 series back.idk lmk you guys advice shoots!
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When you want clearance with a 4x4 you add bigger tires. Of course you will be sitting higher with taller sidewalls. But your axle will have more clearance too! I strongly suggest, if you have a local spring shop, to get the springs de-arched. I got a 5" drop from my stock leaves this way and I didn't even have to do any flipping or changing of the order they stack. And it is real cheap. Of course the lower you go the more clearance issues you will encounter. The driveshaft may have added stress if you don't correct it. Are they angled 4" blocks? A 4x4 driveshaft worked well for me as it has a slip spline. Before I change anything I usually lay under my truck and visualize what it will look like and what needs to be done.
flip your overload leaf into the unhappy position.. (stock)

why did you flip it into the happy position?
idk y:shrug: would it make any difference in the ride height though?
is it the reason y it made no height change?
Hey man leaf springs are designed to work properly. The overload spring has flexed in that direction for years of being on your truck. And now you are going to flip it so that it flexes the other way and wears out faster? No, I disagree with this flip. And you are claiming it didn't do anything so be smart and keep the designing to the leaf spring designers. Flip it back.

If you don't have a leaf spring shop, heat the leaf springs with a torch and get some friends to jump in the back.
yeah im gonna flip it to the stock position. but im asking is it the reason y the height didnt change? and i dont wanna de arch my leafs
yeah im gonna flip it to the stock position. but im asking is it the reason y the height didnt change? and i dont wanna de arch my leafs
most likely, the overload being flipped is not allowing your leaf pack to settle and flatten out, it's keeping it ached, flip it back and your leaves should flatten out when on the truck and give you your desired drop
yupp the overload leaf was the problem. but now whenever i brake theres like a screeching noise. idk what it is. anyone else had that problem?
How long does this screeching noise last?

Where does it seem to come from?
check your driveshaft on the gas tank x-member
proportiong valve:shrug:

i needa get mine higher some
I have 4" blocks and my brakes squeak. There is a brake cable and adjuster connected to the axle/pumpkin. With 4" blocks it pushes the axle that much closer to the bed. Our rear brakes probably thinks we have a loaded bed all the time so they are adjusted that way. I'm gonna try and make a drop down bracket to lower the brake cable mechanism a few inches if it will allow me to.
i got 4in angled block with my middle leaf pulled. its whenever i brake theres like a loud vibrating do i fix this? would smaller blocks help?
Is your driveshaft lined up straight? I have 4" angled blocks only. Not sure if removing a leaf changes the angle any more.


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might need to notch the top peice where the drive shaft hits. when i had angled 4'blocks and notched i was hitting driveshaft come to find out i had to turn the angled blocks the other way around haha:doah:
Does your load proportioning valve (LPV) unit need to be adjusted? :thinking:
i think i might need a notch for my driveshaft.but dont know anyone here in hawaii that do notches. and idk if its my LPV. i noticed its whenever i brake hard. sounds horrible. anyone else encountered this problem?
i think i should get 3in blocks and MAYBE it would fix the problem
Hey man i had the same problems when i was running 3" blocks and the middle leaf pulled. It has something to do with the BPV and the rear brakes. At first i thought my shoes were just worn and needed to be replaced. But that wasnt the case.

Id suggest throwing the middle leaf back in and that should take care of the noise.

I still dont have solid info on why it makes the grinding noise when at certain drop heights.
Or if you don't want to lift it back up you could eliminate the load proportioning valve. All you need it a plug for the tee at the top of the frame near the firewall. You just find which brake line goes back to the LPV and plug it. Then you can tear it all out of there and the rear brakes will be on full until you can get an adjustable LPV. There are some affordable ones out there.
I had to slow down really fast once racing a Prelude with that setup and the rear locked up. I looked in the rearview and saw smoke and 2 skid marks. But I survived.
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