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2013 Toyota Tacoma, TRD off-road, M/T, 2.7L, 4cyl
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Hello team,
I have a spring poking out the back of my driver seat at mid spine. I can feel a pop when I lean back.
Is it possible to push the spring back in from the back or do I have to remove or replace the seat?


Mambeau / Admin
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I'm not sure what you're describing ...

Do you mean one end of a spring is sticking out through the seat back cover / material? Is it to one or the other side, or in the middle of the seat back?

Does your seat back have an adjustable lumbar support built into it?

If the spring has simply been disconnected whole, it can probably be remounted. If it or its mounting point is broken, it'll take some surgery to fix it.

As far as I know, the springs are part of the seat back frame. I'm not sure the later (201X) seat back frames are a separate piece that can be replaced whole - especially on the driver's seat.

Even if the seat back frame alone can be replaced, it'll take some surgery to de-skin the seat, do the replacement, and re-cover the seat. Even if you're thinking of putting a panel or plate in their to prevent the broken spring from poking out again you'd be looking at this sort of disassembly / reassembly hassle.

If you have side airbags, there may be airbag components in the seat that will require care to work around.

My point is this ... By the time you invest or pay for the parts and labor to fix the seat you have you may have gotten off cheaper by simply replacing the entire seat with a used one in good condition.
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