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First post here. So I did the QA1GS501-10550A coil-over conversion + Fabtech FTS4130-7 lift spindles + Doestech 75090 UCAs on my 1997 2wd 5-lug Tacoma.

I bought the conversion plates from @mjbtaco and welded them to the LCAs after some grinding and had a friend PC them. I also had some Doestech UCAs and Fabtech spindles from an auctions on eBay laying around so I used those.

The only problem that I am dealing with is that I am getting negative caster unless I shim the rearward caster/camber shim to maximum stack height. And then I only get less than a degree of positive.

Tell me if I am insane but I stacked the stock drivers UCA and Doestech UCA on top of each other and aligned them via the ball-joint mounting holes and it appears that the Doestech UCA actually decreases caster (pushing the ball joint further towards the front of the truck). I am thinking of swapping the drivers and passenger UCAs to see if that gives me positive caster again. Need input.
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